Creating Projects

To get started, navigate to the projects page. To create a new job click thebutton next to projects at the top of the page. Fill in the Project Name, Type, and Hiring Type along with the Location and Time Zone. Add a description for the job under “Project Description”. Click Next to select the working days for this project.

 From the schedule tab select your start and end date for this project, then click next to select your company.

On the Company tab you can select your company and invite any additional users by email that will be managing your project. Anyone you add to your company can view your projects. Click Next to select the features you need for project. 

From the Stages tab, you can select the features that you need to manage this job such as Scheduling, Booking, Digital Onboarding & Timecards. Scheduling lets you create and edit roles. Booking allows you to source for talent in our database or invite your own. Digital Onboarding & Timecards allows you to send Digital Start Work, Time Tracking, and Payroll Processing. Once you've selected the features you'll use, click on create project. You're all set to begin creating roles and hiring talent.




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