Does Castifi process physical paper start work and vouchers for Background Performers?

Yes, we do but here's why we highly suggest you don't do request it.

 SAG-AFTRA requires that all vendors like Castifi offer paper start work and vouchers upon request. If you are booked on a project and do want paper documents, be sure to request that the moment you are booked. 

However, we strongly suggest that all Background Performers DO NOT request paper start work or vouchers. Here's why: 

With paper start paperwork and vouchers, someone collects your paperwork, it gets put into a production office, is sorted by a temporary employee, and then is scanned and emailed to the payroll company. This is an extremely unsafe method of data transfer.

Every paper start work and timecard that you have completed lives in a box somewhere. Your information, on paper is extremely vulnerable. 

Castifi's system is safe because we securely collect & transfer your payroll information directly to the payroll company. We solely ensure that no 3rd party has access to your sensitive data.