How do I fix an Incorrect Voucher/Timecard?

What to do when the information on your voucher/timecard is not accurate.

After you have logged on to our payroll portal,, at the top right of the screen, you will find the "TIMECARDS" button.

Before we process payments, we allow for you to review the information of your voucher/timecard and (at the lower right corner of the screen) click on "My timecard is correct" if everything looks good:

Or dispute by clicking "My timecard is not correct" if you have discrepancies. You need to indicate the details of the corrections that need to be made in space provided.

For example:

"Missing two $10 Covid Bumps"
"Mealtime was until 4:30PM"
"My rate is supposed to be $12/8 hours"

Lastly, click on the submit button so we can process your voucher.

Production will then liaise with you until the matter is resolved. After they revise the voucher, you will be asked to resign it!

If you notice, after you have signed, that your timecard is incorrect, please reach out to us at