How should I behave on set?

Being on set is fun and exciting, but it's important to remember that it's a professional workplace. Follow these guidelines to ensure you're representing yourself, and Castifi, professionally.

  1. If you are a member of SAG-AFTRA, always carry your paid-up SAG-AFTRA card or receipt of payment from the Membership Department.
  2. Make sure that you arrive on the set on time, with required wardrobe and/or props. It is better to arrive early than to report late. Always allow extra time for traffic and parking.
  3. Be courteous and attentive. Treat everyone on set with respect.
  4. Remember: Fill out your digital paperwork with care, making sure all information is legible and appears on all copies. Keep your own records of hours worked, meal breaks, etc. Make sure you note all wardrobe and props supplied at the request of the Producer.
  5. Bring along some busy work or a book to read. Part of working sometimes requires hours of idleness on the set.
  6. Never leave the set without first getting approval from the Assistant Director.
  7. Smoke only in designated areas. This is a matter of courtesy.
  8. The professional Background Actor is always prepared to take down the reporting location, date, and time of a call, as well as the required wardrobe.
  9. Once you are hired, you have been hired until released by the production company. In short, do not ask to leave early and do not leave early.
  10. Notify your Casting Director of any potential conflicts caused by other bookings immediately.