How to Hire & Onboard


Select one or multiple users from the “Available” list on the "Sourcing" tab of your project

Click on the overflow menu icon 

Click on "Thumbs Up" icon to hire the candidate

Choose the role that you want to hire users for in the popup window and click on “Send”. Users will be notified via text message and email, prompting them to confirm the job.


Once a user is in the “Confirmed” list on the “ Hired” tab of your project, you are able to send them forms.

Select one or multiple users, then click on the overflow menu icon  in the top right corner then choose “Select Form”.

In the popup window, select one or multiple forms to send to the selected users then hit “Send to X Users”.

You can track the process of each form through the icons displayed under a user’s Union Status.

A green form icon means the document has been signed. Example: "Direct Deposit".

An orange form icon means the document has been viewed but isn’t signed. Example: "W-9 Form"

A red icon means the form hasn’t been viewed. Example: "Start Work"

Delete or Resend a Form

To delete or resend a form:

  1. Click on a user’s name to open the user’s job details page
  2. Click on the overflow menu icon  next to the form you need to resend or delete

You can also download forms from a user’s job details page by clicking on the form’s name.

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