How Will I Get Paid?

How you get paid and the documents you need to have ready for payroll.

There are 2 methods in which payroll processes payments:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Check

After you're booked for a job, you'll be invited to join Castifi's payroll platform:

Once logged in, you'll see three tabs below: Profile, Documents, and Timecards. 

From the Profile view, confirm everything is correct. If you've incorrectly input your union status or address, click Edit Profile and correct the information. 

➡️ Click to Documents: In Documents, complete all documents that are sent to you, specifically your I-9 Document. Your I-9 is the most critical document of all the forms. Please note, the I-9 will ask for proof of documents and we ask that you take photos of those documents and upload them as attachments.

If you receive an error in attaching those documents, it means that the file size is too large. Resize the images for free at: 

Proceed and complete all forms. For the Direct Deposit form, feel free to attach a screenshot of your bank's accounting and routing # instead of a voided check!

Rely on your Casting Director to provide you with all the information needed for your workday. When you arrive to set, the Assistant Directors' Team will check you in and verify your I-9. Your hours are now being tracked. At the end of the workday, when the coordinator clocks you out, you will receive a copy of your voucher/timecard. 

The final step for you to get paid is to approve your timecard. If everything listed on your timecard looks correct, please click "sign." If there's an issue with your timecard, feel free to dispute the timecard so production can contact you to remediate the issue. 

We use your timecard and your completed documents to issue payroll within 1-2 weeks of the shoot date. 

If you have a question about your pay, shoot us an email at - we're happy to help!