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Responding To Job Invitations

When you’re invited to a job, you’ll receive an email and text notification. You’ll also see the job pop up under “Jobs.” Click the job to view details and respond to the match to let the production know whether you’re available for the shoot. 

Untitled-22.pngAfter reviewing the job details, click “Yes, I’m Available,” or “No, I’m Not Available.” This lets the production team know that you can make it to the shoot. If you are available, you’ll be entered into consideration for the role. Responding “Yes, I’m Available” to the match does not guarantee that you’ll be booked.


When you’ve been hired for a role, you’ll receive another set of notifications. Click “Yes, I Can Make It” to confirm your availability and finalize your booking.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email.

We are happy to help!