Sending Start Work & Forms

Sending Start Work is one of the first things you'll want to do after Sourcing and Booking talent for a job. To send Start Work, you first need to open your project by double-clicking on the job from the projects page. Next, you'll navigate to the booking tab and select the talent that needs to be sent Start Work by clicking the box next to their name.


The cells will change from white to blue when you've selected someone. Once you have your talent selected, click on the button at the top right corner to open the overflow menu.



To send Start Work click thebutton, this will bring up a list of forms to choose from. For this example, I'll be selecting ABS Start. Once you've selected the forms, you'll click on the blue Send To Users Button. This button will tell you the number of people that you're sending forms to.

Once the Start Work has been sent, they will appear under the Talent's name in the project. We use a color-coded system to show if the forms have been Unopened, Started, or Completed. A Red status indicates that the Start work is currently unopened. An orange Status Indicates that the Start Work has been started. A Green status indicates that the Form has been completed. 



Now that you've learned how to send Start Work, you're ready to move on to sending notifications.




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