How to Resolve my open issue with Castifi?

How the Castifi team priorities incoming requests from actors

Are you experiencing a technical issue? No timecard? Delayed payment? 

With the number of support tickets reaching 500 new tickets daily, our team is inundated with incoming messages from Background Performers. Here's how your requests are prioritized on our side. 

The fastest way to getting support at Castifi is emailing Your inquiry create a ticket that our team can internally track.  

Castifi is onboarding about 10,000 per week helping thousands of performers get back to work. We ask that you give us some time to respond. You can expect to hear back within 24-48 hours.     

From our perspective, if you've worked, completed your start paperwork and haven't been paid for over two weeks, you will be prioritized. Castifi is a software used by production teams to do their work digitally. We support our production teams by providing training but we aren't responsible ultimately for any delays in payments. We do, however, get involved when payment has gone past the 2-3 weeks mark. 

If you are having technical issues on the Payroll app, please be sure to attach and send screenshots. This helps find and fix the technical issue faster. 

If you are having Casting app issues, expect a significant delay for a response time. 

General inquiries may not be responded to altogether as we don't have the bandwidth.

Thank you for understanding. 

Castifi Support Team