Why does Castifi have two separate logins?

Two logins explained

  • When we started Castifi, we built out a casting app for us to cast Background Performers. The actor app, is accessed by logging into https://app.castifi.com/
  • There actors can keep their FREE casting profile, availability, and booking notices up-to-date.
  • During COVID and securing your data, we've separated our payroll app into a completely different application. The payroll app (also FREE) has a url of https://user.castifi.com/
  • In the payroll app, you will be asked everything related to us getting you paid including completing start paperwork and signing off on your work voucher. 
  • We apologize for the confusion but rest assured we've taken extra precautions to secure your data. Our software is approved by major studios and we have taken great measures to protect your sensitive information. 

Castifi doesn't charge actors for using its service! We take great pride in getting you work and fighting to get you paid quickly. If there's ever an issue, remember that we are on your side fighting for you to have safe working conditions and getting paid on time.